The beauty industry has witnessed a revolution which has defined how beauty is perceived. It has shifted from consumers just buying beauty products to look good to consumers being careful of ingredients used in products before making purchasing decisions. Consumers are skeptical as to what goes into these products as the world is turning to using more organic and sustainable products. A digital wave with more consumers purchasing from companies’ website and social media instead of making a trip to the physical stores. This has created a necessity for all brands to have a digital presence. To add, beauty is…


About half the world lives in cities and by 2050 about a billion people would move to urban areas. Estate developing is on the rise due to high demand of accommodation in cities. New cities and communities are being built and at this stage of creation, incorporating the idea of building sustainable cities would be the prudent thing to do and would be less expensive. Developers should be tasked to build only sustainable cities as a means to save the planet.

In this 21 century, living sustainably is not only about living a…

Yvonne Akomea

Yvonne Akomea holds a masters degree from University of Grenobles-Alpes (IAE) in Applied Corporate Management and currently a Marketing Intern at Skopai.

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